Here is what you can't expect

Here is what you can't expect
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How prices are calculated in digital marketing in the Adveror Network

Our main pillar in the pricing of clicks and views per 1,000 impressions depends on several factors:

  • Target countries or states: The price of clicks and views varies by target countries due to the purchasing and economic power of the target location.
  • Type & size of Ads Banner: The type of ad you have chosen may be a static, animated, text or video ad image and prices vary according to the size of the ad you have designed. You can find out the dimensions of the ad design here.
  • Ads category: The prices of advertising units vary according to the category for which the advertisement falls, for example, the prices of car advertisements vary from the prices of fashion advertisements and gifts. Don't worry, however, that clicks start at 0.009 $.

We provide you with the safety of online payment

We do not save your credit card information so as to avoid any risk to which you may be exposed in the future.

We provide our advertisers with many online payment methods to leave you free to choose the payment method that suits you.

Sometimes a few charges may be charged for online payments however not all payment methods and countries are charged.

Payment Gateways

You are certainly free to choose the online payment portal that suits you.


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